Services Portfolio

Advise clients through all phases of the employment relationship.
Inform management of their rights in light of federal, state, and local laws.
Inform management of legal duties to union and non-union employees.
Inform management of compliance concerns at each stage of the employment relationship, such as recruitment, hiring, employee management, discipline, and termination.
Inform management of litigation and business practices liabilities in areas such as social media, workplace privacy, non-competes, trade secrets, and workplace investigations.

Draft agreements and responses for employment disputes
Draft employment and separation agreements to protect against non-compete, non-disclosure, trade secrets, or litigation issues.
Review and draft employment guidelines that avoid creating a contract, that catch inadvertent conflicts with employment laws, and that show organization’s compliance with non-discrimination laws.
Prepare answers for administrative investigations and hearings with agencies such as the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission, WI Department of Workforce Development, and US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission.
Conduct internal investigations and draft reports in response to discrimination or harassment claims.

Review workplace concerns and implement strategies to preemptively resolve matters
Review impact of new laws and changes to existing ones.
Update existing policies and procedures in response to changes in the legal landscape.
Provide training and presentations for managers and staff.
Help implement new rules and regulations in a manner that aligns with clients’ business goals.