Guest Post by the HR Generalist Store: Cost Effective Recruiting – Letting Technology Do It For Free

Guest Post by the HR Generalist Store: Cost Effective Recruiting – Letting Technology Do It For Free



Are your recruiting costs ranging from $200 – $1800 per position?

As a small business owner, the step to expand your business is an important one.  Some key indicators your business is ready to grow are:  your high-performers are falling behind, your clients are noticing delays and there are increased errors.

Once the decision to expand has been decided, your business will need to start the recruiting process.  Private sector employers should be aware of at least three laws affecting them as they begin the recruiting process:  15+ employees – Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Equal Employment Opportunity/EEO), Americans with Disabilities Act; and 20+ employees –  Age Discrimination in Employment Act.  A simple statement in your advertisement can communicate your business’ commitment to not discriminate and conform to EEO requirements.

However, when a business incorporates these requirements into a recruiting advertisement, the position positing becomes lengthy and therefore, more expensive.   Recruiting prices can soar.

Businesses need to actively recruit candidates using trusted online websites and social media.  Trusted websites allow businesses to review resumes, sort by city or county, and post by industry.  Social media such as Facebook can offer a family & friends referral network.

The state of Wisconsin has created a free resource to all businesses.  The Job Center of Wisconsin is an entirely free site for employers to recruit. Visit

Additional resources within the University of Wisconsin allow businesses four additional free sites to post a position.  The position posting will reach students and alumni, which benefits the business by targeting industry specific candidates.

Once you have started to receive the resumes & applications, a business must retain them for a period of one year from the time the position is hired. Federal contractors may be required to retain records for two years.

Author: Mandy Ayers, PHR