The Mahadev Law Group was started in 2005 with the goal of providing legal services that help employers comply with legal requirements, minimize litigation risks, and navigate through the maze of employment laws at the federal, state and local levels. There are almost four dozen employment laws that regulate the workplace. Making a mistake as to which law applies or what rules need to be followed can be costly. The price comes not just with fines leading to lost revenues or profits, but also in terms of time spent dealing with a dispute or cleaning up business practices so they follow legal requirements.

Approach To Legal Problems

Mahadev Law Group takes a proactive, risk management, approach to minimize workplace disruptions. The firm will: 1) Help clients foresee potential legal problems 2) Help clients define business practices and policies in ways that avoid compliance issues 3) Help clients take full advantage of their rights 4) Help clients avoid unwanted legal disputes.

Benefits Of A Proactive Approach

A proactive approach helps a business maintain control over the employment relationship and the legal process, rather than simply being a reactive participant. In the long run, clients will realize greater savings as they avoid the lost time and costs associated with employment litigation. The cost that businesses will avoid include not only lost productivity but also attorneys fees for defending a suit and attorneys fees for employees whose legal complaints have merit.
The firm partners with clients, to help them reach their goals. The relationship is that of a trusted business adviser. Business owners and HR Professionals know the goals they need to achieve in order to be competitive and successful. They also need to execute business decisions quickly and effectively. However, personnel decisions have a legal component that must be addressed, so that business strategies are not undone. The firm works with clients to help them reach those goals, by anticipating legal issues and helping clients resolve them.

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